Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Soft Book: Where's Elmo 2 ? A Peek-A-Boo Book



Brand: Soft Play

Peek-a-boo it's Elmo! Interactive Soft Cloth Book
Young children will delight in looking for their favorite furry friend, along with other Sesame Street pals. Filled with hands-on activities and fun-to-feel textures, this interactive soft cloth book is perfect for curious young hands.

Curious kids develop important motor skills while they play with flaps, a zipper, a buckle, and other movable parts. Mirror @ the back for baby visual stimulation

• 10 pages (inc front page)
• Size: approx 8” x 8” x 2”
c/w reusable carrying case, ideal for gifts!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bath Time Bubble Book

Bath Time Bubble Book ! Having fun @ bath time ~

Hello Kitty Bubble Book - Count With Me - Sold Out

Snow White Bubble Book - Counting -Sold Out

Angry Bird Bubble Book - Colors - Sold Out

Ben10 - Shape - Sold Out

Sponge Bob - Colors - Sold Out

Having fun during bath time with a cute Bubble Book for your loved one.
Available in 5 characters ~

Monday, February 13, 2012

Restocked: Mama/Papa Towel * New

upadated on 14 Feb, 2012

Warna Tuala dewasa yang ada ~ SOLD-OUT

1. dark turkouis - sold out
2. kuning kehijauan - sold out
3. dark purple - sold out
4. light pink - sold out

Tempahan sulaman untuk towel dewasa dibuka sekarang
(Sulaman ikon & nama, sulaman happy birthday, sulaman Selamat Pengantin Baru & Double Love)

xxx older post xxx

light purple - sold out
orange - sold out

Dark purple- sold-out

dark turquoise - sold-outdark green - sold outstriking green - availablelight blue turquoise - sold out

New Mama & Papa Towel - 6 colors
Orange, Dark Turqois, Light Turqouis, Striking Green, Dark Green & Dark Purple

(All sold out)
All- sold out, MP03 available

Harga Asal : RM15 sehelai
Promosi : RM13 sehelai
~Diperbuat daripada 100% kain cotton - lembut & menyerap air
~Sesuai untuk anak2 dewasa, mama & papa
~4 pilihan warna yang menarik - pink, dark navy blue, dark purple & dark green
~Saiz : 27' x 54' (138 x 69cm)
~Untuk sulaman, sila tambah RM5 (ikon bunga/apple/bycle + 6 huruf (2cm))

Restocked: Carter's Gift Set w/ Sock

(0-6 months)
100% cotton

4 rompers (short sleeve) & 6 pair sock

R1-sold -out 
R4 -sold out
R5-sold out

GS00 - sold out

GS 01 - sold-out

GS 02- sold-out
GS 03 - sold out
GS 04- sold-out
GS 05- sold-out

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Restocked: Baby Soft Book: Discovery Farm

FP: RM25
Brand: Lamaze
This soft, lift-the-flap book is full of surprises for baby, who will learn about farmyard favourites. The front cover shows a mother cow with her calf, followed by horses, pigs and other farmyard animals. Each page includes an interactive activity for baby to discover.

• 10 pages
• Size: approx 7” x7” x 1.5”
c/w reusable carrying case, ideal for gifts!
Gambar Baby Alisha yang comel bersama soft book Discovery Farm. Gambar ** kredit kepada Pn Asrah Fatin ~
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